Training and Events

We offer training throughout the year at various venues – this is aimed at all levels so there is something for everyone. We are always looking at new trainers and venues and are pleased to hear from any members in that respect.

Our diary page / Facebook page will have up-to-date info of what’s on, over the next few weeks / months, but a little flavour is:

Show Jumping
We currently hold regular Show jumping clinics at Great Chart with Bridgette Draper-Jones – sessions in small groups are tailored at whatever level is required (green/novice/nervous) through to affiliated 1.00m+n. These sessions have been very well attended and enjoyed. Additionally we have recently held a Friday night session at Duckhurst with Daniel Tenchio – and would look to do more if supported by members.

Dressage / Flatwork
We currently hold flatwork clinics with Bridgette Draper at Great Chart. There are 2 or 3 groups at varying levels from basic paces to lateral work and extensions within paces – all are very much enjoyed and members grow in confidence and skill. We are looking at some new clinics in other locations with a new trainer as the weather improves.

Cross Country
We usually hold a few XC training sessions annually at the beginning of the eventing season, at local courses e.g. Chilham Park, Lodge Farm or Littleton Manor. We have used various trainers – Sam Jennings has undertaken 2 ‘Arena’ sessions over the winter and then one further session at a cross country course. Additionally we have recently run an ‘introduction to XC’ at Stockberry with Yvonne Hursey. We aim to offer training at all levels, with an emphasis on growing confidence in horse and rider at whatever level they are aiming for.

TREC training is provided in conjunction with Street Farm Events in Burham. Training covers all aspects of TREC (obstacles, control of paces, orienteering) at various levels.

We have run some very successful polework clinics with Marion Bush at Stilebridge – these are suitable for all and have proved popular. We are currently running further sessions and also a grillwork clinic with Marion, which will focus on keeping an even tempo and control throughout.

These have proved very popular in recent years and we now run two camps over 2 days each providing tuition in dressage, show jumping and flatwork whilst also providing a great social outing for members and horses alike.

Hacks/Fun Rides
We are running a number of Escorted Hacks in conjunction with Street Farm, Burham. These have been graded to cover gentle walk trot only rides, through to faster rides across country. We are also looking at further fun rides in the region.